New Zealand and Ireland Last Preparation Matches for Glasgow

Come and see Wales Commonwealth Games Team play against New Zealand, Ireland and Cymru at Dinas Powis and Barry Athletic 11th-13th July. ALL WELCOME

We are pleased to welcome New Zealand, Ireland and Cymru as part of our last preparation prior to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Matches start a Dinas Powis and Barry Athletic at 9am on Friday 11th July, Saturday 12th July and Sunday 13th July. There will 4 sessions Friday, 3 Saturday with finals finishing at lunch time on Sunday 13th July.

WALES                                        CYMRU                                       
Anwen Butten Laura Daniels
Lisa Forey Carla Dunkley
Kelly Packwood Ceris Hewlings
Kathy Pearce Sara Marie Nicholls
Caroline Taylor Jess Sims
Mark Harding Chris Blake
Paul Taylor Steve Harris
John Tomlinson Andrew Hopkins
Rob Weale Andrew Fleming
Mark Wyatt Mark Weaver
Visually Impaired
Rosa Crean Julie Thomas
Gilbert Miles Steve Kift
Para Bowlers
Kevin Woomore Sheila Kinch
Chris Gibson Jonathan Cox
Dave Powell Toby Warren